African Proverb




Africa in art

Bad friends will prevent you from having good friends. ~ Gabon


This African Proverbs brings these words of insight. The definition of bad here is someone who lacks insight, direction, clear sight, desire, wisdom, sound character or ambition. Someone who is not interested in being a person of virtue and love.  Someone who is easily deceived and is a deceiver.  Someone who primarily operates on all sides of their shadow. Someone who is very low vibration in the sense of how they live and behave in everyday life. They see themselves as the victimized person in all situations. They never try to get to the root of why life seems to be so unpleasant or unfortunate for them.

*Be mindful we all have vibrated at this level of  low character at sometime along our path. But the insight is not to remain there. We must move forward. We all have shadows and we must learn to balance them. They are nothing more than character flaws or weaknesses some may say. We are to progressively move in a direction of growth and healing so that we can attain a more balanced light and shadow being. 

The definition of good here is someone who is of love, kindness, peace, joy and strength. Someone who is seeking to grow daily. Willing to and does admit when they have erred in their way. They apologize and work on setting the record straight. A person of integrity. A person of their word. Meaning their word is their bond. They keep your secrets and does not maliciously talk behind your back. This is a good friend. Someone who will always challenge you to do your best. Someone who wants the best for you always. Someone who will be a light in your life. Continually growing brighter as you travel along the path with them. 

*Be mindful that if you possess a great deal of light character or good attributes but in no way does this mean you are better or have arrived. We are still moving progressively to a brighter light. Never allow the light you gain to down play another or diminish the fact that you still have shadows that sometimes rear their head bringing you back to that place to say ‘I still must heal these flaws to achieve a harmonious union’ 

Peace to thee. Choose wisely whom you call friend. All are not friends. Some are just acquaintances who seek to know you for their own purpose. These are those that  appear friendly but come with hidden agendas. Be watchful.


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