Honorable or Dishonorable …..

Love Thyself First. Then love others from your overflow. Replenish your heart daily that you will always have compassion, patience and joy for others.

Love Thyself First. Then love others from your overflow. Replenish your heart daily that you will always have compassion, patience and joy for others.

Greetings Lovely Ones

Honor has always been a thing of interest to me. Here are a few meanings of the word Honor: 1. honesty, fairness, or integrity in one’s beliefs and actions. 2. a source or credit of distinction. 3. high respect, as for worth, merit; or rank. 

Now when I tell you I was raised in an atmosphere where I saw the total opposite. Dishonor. Dishonor meaning: 1. lack or loss of honor; disgraceful or dishonest character conduct or conduct. 2. disgrace, ignominy; shame. 

I wore a badge of dishonor like she was a second layer of skin. This is the image that I saw so this is what I depicted. The words that were spoken over me and to me were always dishonorable. Never anything to encourage and uplift. Never to give hope and understanding and clarity of why I existed. As I grew I saw this second skin become a nuisance in the way it hung. The way I felt in it was totally disdainful. I wondered why I always attracted low vibrational entities. Well I truly believe what you are, you will draw. What you are is what you will manifest. Whether through spoken words, actions or just being. As a man thinks so does he become. So since I thought words of low vibrational presence. I heard nothing but low words of degradation. Well I spoke these things, I thought these things. Therefore drawing others into my sphere that behaved as I thought. 

But one day the lightbulb came on and being one that always knew different from what I thought, saw and heard. Well I always did the best to manifest this knowledge in my life. But being intermingled with, stuffed down by the mind shackles of my ancestral slavery. Well it just proved too hard of a task for me. But I continued. I did not stop. I always knew that although this abused, neglected, dishonorable, disdainful and treacherous thinking had a root. I would get to the root of it all someday if I just continued on the journey. The journey to knowing that I always felt Queenly. I always felt loving, peaceful, regal and refined in my presence. I always felt like I was able to accomplish more than what I was bringing forth. So I continued on. 

If you know anything, no one that we see before us in the media or any other avenue of high praise got there just by blinking their eyes or clicking their heels. They got there by steady, diligent, and purposeful pursuit of knowing that deep within there was something greater than who they thought themselves to be. There was something calling to them in the inner space of their being which said, “You were created in Excellence, Power, Beauty, Love, Presence and Joy despite what the outside elements have spoken to you for so long.” You must continue to dig deep, pursue this voice that you hear faintly at times. But yet the voice continues to hearken. The voice continues to grow with passion and presence as you seek for the mandate and call of your very essence. 

So my lovelies as I continued on this pursuit I came to a breaking point.  2009 was a time of great upheaval and destruction nonetheless. I don’t view destruction as dark. But as a light experience. Although I had to go into the darkest part of my soul and dig my way out.  

October 9 marked 5 years on my new journey and path. Liberation had come to me in the form of a mental breakdown which led me to a psychiatric ward. Where I felt humiliation, degradation and hopelessness and fear worse than I’ve felt. But I embraced it. I embraced the feelings. I embraced the others I saw in my same situation. Most of the people there had come to the same self loathing, disdainful, dishonoring breakdown that I did. With being around others that shared my pain, they understood the path I walked to get to this place. In general many assume that I did something to myself to get to this point. Well if that’s your assumption. Hold tight. I’ll clear that assumption for you soon. See when a person who is at the bottom of everything that they’ve been handed in life. All that was handed to them was of low grade, and they never had the strength, guidance, or  self love to rise to those greater things within because of the manifestations of degradation from feeling sorry for oneself and willingly dishonoring oneself. Well I ended up in the psyche ward. So there it is.

Others end up strung out on some chemical dependency drug or even food for that matter. Yes food can be a drug of choice ending with aneroxia and bulimia. Sex addictions, Murderings, Thieves, Crime , etc. So we all have a vice and something that will ultimately break us or kill us. I survived the torture of my soul. I am here to speak forth the words that healed me. Honor thyself. These 2 words healed me and made me realize that I was created in LOVE, LIGHT AND PEACE. These are traits of power. Therefore I am empowered to live freely, unhindered by my pass and loving myself more and more everyday.

So once upon a time I allowed myself to be dishonored and lived dishonorable because that’s what I was taught. But always knowing better. I knew there was a day that I’d break free. I am free-standing here before you as a DIVINE GODDESS who was once blinded to her power and authority. But now clearly sees it. One who honors herself in the utmost way of speaking forth and living forth her truth of LOVE. I love myself and therefore I love others. My highest hope is to see others let go, leave, escape and destroy the very bondages of their heart and mind that shout and yell at them. The voices within and without that do not support the true essence of who you were made to be. We were all created in LIGHT, LOVE, and PEACE. Therefore when you come to the end of your self loathing and you bravely say. I WILL NO MORE PLAY THE VICTIM. Then you make a shift in your presence where you deem you will be free at any cost.

The Royal ReddPeace divinely decrees that if you look deep within and you call those things to light that are hidden. The things that keep you bond in dishonoring ways of thinking, speaking and behaving. Arrest those thoughts and make them submit to the LIGHT OF LOVE AND PEACE that you were formed and shaped in. You shall rise up as BEAUTY, LIGHT AND POWER and decree and declare that you are a WARRIOR. An instrument to bring LOVE, HEALING AND DESTRUCTION to the dark forces that desire to keep others down. Be brave, powerful and vigilant and you shall see victory. Press on. Do not give up or turn back. This means your life. Everything you need and stand for is within. Not without. Dare to be different. Dare to step outside of that comfortable space. Dare to be the you that was created in DIVINE EXCELLENCE.

Peace to thee!!!! 


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  1. Thank you sistar for sharing a part of your story and your heart. I appreciate your truth and your light. I know these words of power will illuminate the next person who is searching for his or her own self honor. It will help them to find it. Peace my sistar. ❤


    • Greeting my Sistar- You’re most welcome. It means a lot that you would support and take your time in reading my blogs. I truly can’t say thank you enough. I feel the same that my words will be soul healing and illuminating to those that are searching for healing. Joy to you. Peace and Love.


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