A New Story…October 10, 2014



Inner Shaman. Your inner mystical being. Connect to it! It's waiting for you to open up and receive it!

Inner Shaman. Your inner mystical being. Connect to it! It’s waiting for you to open up and receive it!


A NEW Story….

Greetings Beloved Darlings, It is my desire that these words provide insight and healing into your life that you break free of limiting powers that bind you from moving into your Destined, Divine, Deliverance. It’s present and available for all who know there is a more excellent way. A higher way. A powerful life filled with essence that is your Designed Birthright. 

Meditate on this quote from Jose Luis Stephens-Awaken The Inner Shaman “All those difficult events were tests or initiations, and each led to powerful lessons that accelerated your maturity” 

So My beautiful darlings I ask you these questions: Are you still telling the same broke down victimized story to experience reactions from within or outward? Are you still living, dreaming the same broken,  unhappy, ratchet nightmare you call life and looking to gain sympathy? 

If you answered Yes to either question.  Well beloved it is time for a major shift in consciousness. It is time that you Awaken completely from the nightmares you keep facilitating with your lower Ego and stop it cold in its tracks.

Living according to Ego based desires especially the lower dark broken half only delivers and manifests hysteria, pain and displeasure. Who in their RIGHT and CLEAR mind would willingly desire this torture? Not me.

If you are conscious and awake you can honestly admit you once lived in this dark existence. Now the other portion of  lower ego, Arrogance will say, “I’ve always lived from an enlightened sense. I’ve always known what I wanted. I’ve always gone after it” And I say, in selfishness once again the lower ego exudes it’s clouded false version of what truly is. From an exalted lower ego state you are the Victimizer who is taking advantage of those at a lower base of ego who see themselves as the Victim. However the Arrogant Ego has yet to encounter the one who is more proficient in being a user of then they are. The Higher Soul- The Higher Ego (self esteem, confidence) Entering stage left the once Victimizer because the what? Victim! Could this be? Yes.

In ego base living you are only concerned about one entity. You,You, You. Whether it’s from a victimized state or selfish state. It’s all about you.

Until you awaken and heal completely you will still perceive yourself victimized.  And your perception draws more opportunities to be victimized. 
May I suggest it’s NOW TIME to move away from,  release,  let go of the need or desire to tell, live or embrace your old battle scars, trauma and pain and step into LIBERTY. It’s here and you can Live here. Because you were created in LIBERTY. 

WHY DO YOU STILL LIVE BOUND? Fear,  Unworthiness,  Anger,  Laziness, Procrastination, Addiction, Selfishness, etc. All of these are Fear based entities.  FREE THYSELF. HEAL THYSELF. BE THY DIVINE SELF.

My hope is that these words have come to you as new fresh revelation.  Healing honey to your wounds. Freeing your soul and mind to rise and connect divinely with SPIRIT.

Love you and Joy to thee,

Royal ReddPeace


About Royal ReddPeace

Namaste- I am Royal Redd Peace. Spiritual Soul Coach & Healer-Practitioner. Intuitive Empath-Psychic Clair-Medium. Since the young age of 15, I have been assisting and guiding friends & family in finding their way along their spiritual path. Providing Divine insight & clarity to their questions. Being an Empathic Psychic Clair-Medium I am able to peer beyond what "appears" to be into the hidden mysteries of the soul. In that being able to deliver healing insight and direction to those who seek my advice. I am passionate about seeing my clients souls evolve to their fullest potential. It would be both an honor and pleasure to assist you on your journey. Divine Love Royal Redd Peace

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