African Proverb

African Proverb

Greetings, I thought I’d share a Ray Light in the essence of an African Proverb.

A fool says what he knows, but a wise man knows what he says. ~ Sao Tome and Principe

Reading this made me think Wow. The truth is in this is certainly profound. 

Someone who is foolish-one who constantly spouts from his mouth all he knows is bothersome in nature. Appearing to have wisdom. But it truly lacking it. A fool is someone who always has to be heard. But truly is not being listened too or taken seriously. 

However, a man who keeps his thoughts to himself and releases them with careful attention is wise. Meaning they are being mindful that when they speak, the words are a manifestation of their life. Shall I say, Wisdom lives out loud and does not need to utter words continually? 


About Royal ReddPeace

Namaste- I am Royal Redd Peace. Spiritual Soul Coach & Healer-Practitioner. Intuitive Empath-Psychic Clair-Medium. Since the young age of 15, I have been assisting and guiding friends & family in finding their way along their spiritual path. Providing Divine insight & clarity to their questions. Being an Empathic Psychic Clair-Medium I am able to peer beyond what "appears" to be into the hidden mysteries of the soul. In that being able to deliver healing insight and direction to those who seek my advice. I am passionate about seeing my clients souls evolve to their fullest potential. It would be both an honor and pleasure to assist you on your journey. Divine Love Royal Redd Peace

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