Remove defeat from your mind. You CAN do.

Remove defeat from your mind. You CAN do.

Greetings and Most Lovely Blessings to Thee

It is the day of our BLOOD MOON. A blood moon is when the surface of the moon has a redness. Depending on how close or far you are from this beautiful celestial body you may or may not see redness. Now, not only is it a Blood Moon or Super Moon as some might call it. It will be a FULL ECLIPSE. The Sun and Moon will meet, greet and hold each other for a moment. I AM SO EXCITED TO WITNESS AND PARTAKE OF THIS ENERGY. Wow, the beautiful things that will be transformed in the lives of those who receive the beautiful celestial powers of our glorious Moon and Sun becoming ONE.  

Now,early this morning around 1am, As I gazed up at the beautiful big bright night light as I call it. I saw that there was some redness to her color. This mesmerised me. I thought wow how beautiful she is. I feel like I CAN do anything I set forth my conscious mind too.

This brings me to thinking and being more conscious of what I allow my thoughts to create. Thoughts are created from our hearts and Spirit. And if we feel we can do something. We will be successful in it. Although the accomplished task may not look like we envisioned. It will however, be successful. And it will be greater than we envisioned. 

Now might I suggest that the word CAN’T should be removed from your mindset, and speech. Saying you can’t do something is stating that you feel incapable of, unable to, or you’re not equipped to do. Can’t is saying you’re defeated even before you start. So how about stopping to think and process your words carefully enough to say, I can do whatever I put my mind to with due diligence it shall unfold as a beautiful testament to my nature to endure. I like that much better. Having a CAN do mindset is a powerful mindset to embrace and hold onto. Embracing this mindset says that you believe in your ability to accomplish that which you set out to do. Saying you can is a firm testament that you believe in the power of Spirit that lives in you to assist you in accomplishing your task. So in saying that, let us on this Blood Moon embrace the power, positivity and passion of the presence of mind that says I CAN DO ANYTHING I PUT MY MIND TO DILIGENTLY. 

I hope that this simple insight has been enlightening to you and helpful in restructuring your thoughts and confidence toward yourself and others. Remember YOU CAN DO and you shall accomplish all that you set your hand to do. Ashe! 

Peace to thee, Royal ReddPeace

Daily Insight- October 8, 2014 (Blood Moon)


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