Daily Insight- October 7,2014

Daily Insight- October 7,2014


Greetings Lovely Hearts My hope is that this reaches you in great love and great peace. On the eve before the Great Blood Moon. I feel I have ascended to a higher plane. A plane of which I have never witnessed, felt or resided in. I am in a new domicile. A new residence for the High Priestess, Goddess. The Royal One. So, my beautiful lovely ones. Ascension is the word. Royal Ones are all  beings and inhabitants of this earth.  How do you feel about your inherit Goddess or God for that matter? Do you even acknowledge her or him? Can you perceive yourself as such? Have you allowed yourself to shed the old DNA patterns, habits, thoughts, attitudes, lights and shadows that keep you in limbo? The voices that keep you in constant disbelief of who you were created to be. The entity you were before entering this loaned robe. See your exterior is a loan and you only dwell in it while you inhabit this physical sphere. It’s a frame just a like a picture frame that defines and labels while you are physically on this earth. But you are NOT your loaned robe or exterior cloth. Your true essence has nothing to do with your exterior. Mind you yes, you may identify with it. As I identify with being an Afro-centric, African American, Black, Negro. I identify with all of them. But they are just labels that have been placed upon the humanness, flesh, exterior garment. They have NOTHING to do with my TRUE ESSENCE. I do not allow them to DEFINE, ARREST OR SUBMERGE MY TRUE ESSENCE. I am Royal. And SO ARE THEE! So what if you could inhabit another body, another dimension, another realm while you inhabited this physical form? Allowing your inner workings to travel beyond the space and time of physical limitations. Well you can. It’s called ASCENSION. The root word ASCEND is defined as follows : 1.to move, climb, or go upward; mount; rise:2.to rise to a higher point, rank, or degree; proceed from an inferior to a superior degree or level: 3.to go toward the source or beginning; go back in time. Wow, to move, climb or go upward, mount. In doing so, you are elevated to a new space and time. Dimension. In order to rise to a higher point, rank or degree, and proceed from being or feeling inferior. To a place of superior degree. You must first look within and recognize the creator within. We are all from SOURCE. One Source that manifested this world. Whether you call your Source. God, Buddha, Allah, Muhammad, Jesus,The Christ, Zen, Taoism, or refer to a Toltec/Totem power, Mother Nature/Gaia, Orisha, Vodou, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Santeria or however you see. We are all from the same source with many different faces that are wrapped in labels. Labels are something that I can very much do without these days.  It’s all SOURCE. Origin.We all come from a source. So, in order to return to this source of being. We must make Ascension a part of our heart/soul path. We are already Spirit but we must allow the other parts of us heart (where our desires, passions, dreams reside). Soul (where our emotions reside) to integrate. Integration can be scary, unfamiliar and unknown. But it’s in those states of being in the unfamiliar and unknown that we find out the most about ourselves. Our most intimate self emerges and we then began the phase to Ascending to a higher plane. Ascension requires us to leave all petty things, thoughts, ideas and ways of being behind. Because these lower vibrational things can not travel to the higher dimension. These behaviors will cause you to sabotage your light and cause you to dwell in the lower spaces of your shadows. Shadows have their place but from a higher space, not a lower realm. My beautiful beloveds, as I feel and sense Ascension on this eve prior the Blood Moon where there will be a total eclipse of the sun and moon. These two powerful heavenly and celestial bodies will intermingle themselves becoming ONE for a moment of time. I am so excited to receive the energy that the two beautiful powers will release. This new energy is perfect for Ascension. So if you have come to a fork in the path of your journey, and you’ve deeply acknowledged you can no longer afford to dwell at the lower vibrational frequency. I admonish you to partake of the energy of the Blood Moon to usher you into a new place of BEING. A new place of EXISTENCE.  A new realm. A new face of who you are DIVINELY ordained to be. Ashe (So be it) Love 2 thee, Her Highness- Royal ReddPeace


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