Let it Be

Let it Be

Greetings Lovely Ones

It is my hope that these insightful words find you in peace and love with thyself. 

In the present world, I find that it is hard to BE sometimes. I am learning to BE and LET IT BE on a deeper level. Some days are easier than others to find this state of BEING. Sometimes I find it quite difficult to do so. But when I stop and LET IT BE. I learn and glean the information I seek instantly. Because, I have come into the awareness of BEING. And just allowing myself to dwell in the NOW. The Present. It so much more peaceful, relaxing and carefree in the NOW. Isn’t it loves? 

Well, in order for one to truly embrace happiness or what you may call happiness. Everyone’s idea is different. Well, i believe one of the easiest steps we can make is when we come into awareness and tell your EGO. Be quiet! Lol!  Hey you’re not in control of anything. All things are ruled, directed and manifested by Spirit or our Intuition if you would. We manifest peace, happiness, love, joy and all things from a place of Spirit. None of it is manifested by our Ego or what we think. Now mind you, we can think things into existence because our thoughts carry vibrational frequency as well. But when I say your thinking is not what manifests anything. The manifestation comes from SPIRIT. Because Spirit is the active, alive part of you that brings forth change. The mind engages with Spirit/Intuition. But it definitely controls nothing. We must access our Spirit and align our minds with Spirit/Intuition in order for us to bring forth our desires. This is  the wisdom of experience speaking. 

 Now, I’ve noticed that when I hear some say, ‘Oh think positive thoughts and it will come’. Well you know what I half agree. For this reason. Since your thoughts are apart of the body unit which are located within your mind. Well the thoughts do have a small part in your attitude. Because thoughts effect moods and your way of being. But the vehicle that they emit from is your Intuitive nature. The Intuition is your center. Your core. Your BEING. So I say if you want to truly be happy. Tap into your intuition and listen to what it’s saying. Because not by thought alone can you be happy. 

And yes, the more you think the more you may frustrate yourself. So let your mind take a back seat. LET IT BE. LET IT REST. And when I say ‘your’ mind. I mean just that. See there is a scripture in the Holy Bible that says,’ Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ’. Philippians 2:5. Well I highly doubt that Christ had an anxious, worrisome, irritated, angry mind. But instead he had a peaceful quiet one that connected with his Spirit (Holy Spirit) that manifested things. So while you can think a thing and it can manifest. It is because something in your Spirit aligned with that thought. Whether of high or low vibration. So allow, ‘your’ thoughts to take a back seat and examine them to see if they are of pure light and love. And if you find any low thoughts or those that are contrary to what Spirit reveals. Then may I say, exercise the diligent discipline to bring them into alignment with your core partner. Spirit. For Spirit is just waiting for you and your ego come off of it’s pedestal and acknowledge the entity within that can direct you to all the answers you seek. 

Well Lovelies, I hope these words of insight have blessed thee. Given thee hope and peace. Love to thee Always. 

High Priestess, Goddess and Royal One- ReddPeace 

Daily Insight- October 6,2014


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