Daily Devotion- October 3, 2014

Greetings Beloved Souls,

Lately, I’ve had certain interactions with people which I’ve interacted with always or at different intervals. Or with certain types of people which I encounter occasionally. These interactions have brought me to a new space and stage of thinking. A new phase in my thinking. In this new sphere I’m quickly learning how to reshape my thoughts, heart and soul according to those that I am interacting with. Shape shifting is something I’ve always done. But the mastery of the gift is speedily manifesting. This is an exciting and challenging place to be. But I welcome it with much respect, honor and wisdom. The new sphere, poses certain things on the heart entity. The emotions scream and squirm. ‘Hey, What’s going on? What are these feelings?’ Well I’ll tell you what’s going on and I’ll present it in the focus of this devotion today.  


This thought came to me as I sat quietly in meditation. As I sat and my heart sought the Goddess for her wisdom. She spoke, “What is the wealth of your heart?’ I paused and pondered a moment before my Spirit responded. My response was, ‘the wealth of my heart are those treasures, ideas, secrets, dreams,and ambitions that I don’t share with everyone and just anyone. They are precious gems/jewels’. The Goddess responded ‘Guard them. Guard the wealth of your heart.’

Well I tell you in that moment I felt such a sense of beauty, peace and a stronger and deeper love for myself. More than before. I had once again reconnected with the VALUE/WEALTH OF MY HEART. The very notion, thought and idea that I had once again tapped into the most sacred part of my heart made me smile. It made me remember all of the desires, ideas, ambitions and joys I once meditated on. The things that I held sacred and always inspired to do someday. Lo and behold on this day I sat quietly and still and they represented themselves from under all the denial, disappointment, lies and disbelief that had covered their preciousness. I am sure many of us understand that through life changes, disappointments, pains, neglect and us being self judging and listening to others truths and taking them on as our truth, well we lose ourselves. We must rediscover, reconnect, remarry and reassimilate ourselves back to our origin. Being mindful that these are just some of the things that keep us from hearing, feeling and truly connecting with our HEART WEALTH? It’s true. 

The definition of wealth is something of value. Are not the ideas, dreams and ambitions of your heart of value? You must ask yourself this question during this transition into the NEW SPHERE. See Beloveds this is not a new level. But a NEW DIMENSION. A NEW SPHERE. This is the place you REIGN, DOMINATE, INFLUENCE AND CREATE PURPOSE FOR YOUR MANTLE AND ASSIGNMENT ON THIS EARTH. It is not a place that is to be taken lightly or handled haphazardly. Therefore this means, bringing certain things and people, thoughts, ideas, attitudes, notions into this realm will not work to your benefit. But they will work against you and to your distraction and demise.

This brings me to a holy scripture of the Bible. ‘Keep thy heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life. Proverbs 4:23. The book of Proverbs is one of my favorite portions of the Bible. A brief terminology of this scripture is to Protect, Keep Safe, Guard your heart (wealth, ideas, emotions, feelings,) with much care. Meaning give much attention, care to your heart. The heart is the vessel that holds  your very essence of love, truth and mysteries of you as a living soul. This entity is not. I repeat NOT to be opened to everyone even if they have been in your sphere for a long time. Family, friends, etc. No matter who. In this new sphere, you can’t afford to be so willing to share all the secrets and ideas that have been deposited in your very soul. You can NOT. You’re still rediscovering who you are and being realigned with the vision you were created in and sent to display.

So, in continuing the illumination of the holy words. For out of it are the issues of life. Out of the secret space, hidden place, vault of your heart/soul are so many inspirations that have been planted and attached. In fact inscribed into the DNA of your heart. The very DNA (cells, blood, tissue, ligaments, etc). To carelessly give or share them with those who do not walk at or resonate at your same vibration could be detrimental. Even those who do resonate at your level should be carefully considered. The intents of the heart are something quite powerful and in this new SPHERE. You will have new shadows revealed in yourself as well as those in your sphere or in the proximity of it. You must exercise due diligence and protect the mystery and jewels of your being. Only releasing things when you feel and sense that it is needed or necessary. Remember SPIRIT/INTUITION is always available to guide you. Come into the PRESENT. Come into the NOW. Aligning yourself here gives you exact directions for your interaction within yourself and others. Ashe. 

So loves, I hope that these words of light and wisdom have opened your eyes to seeing and understanding that this new SPHERE that you are increasingly and quickly occupying, is a MOST SACRED DWELLING. Only those who are of pure mind, heart and intention should be entertained in this new sphere. But even those of these qualities should be carefully examined. Guard and Protect the riches (wealth) that you are being remarried too. They will bring much beautiful love and power into your life and those around you. Empowerment of these treasures in your life will give you the insight, clear understanding and knowledge to operate with a HIGH LEVEL OF WISDOM to execute mastery over them. They are yours to master and wield with efficiency. Guard them!

Love to thee and Peace to thee.

Royal ReddPeace

Daily Devotion- October 3, 2014


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