Remembering The Days of My Youth…And the Youth of TODAY….


Remembering the days of my youth brings a smile to my face. I’m an early 70’s baby and proud of it. I remember the days of  Bell Bottoms, Mini Skirts, Go-Go Boots, Halter Tops, Spaghetti Dresses, Corduroy’s, Psychedelic stuff, Cheech & Chong, Go Hippies, Roller Skates, Disco Balls, Disco Music, Monte Carlos, Low Riders and Drive in movies. I remember! I remember being able to walk down the street and wave to my neighbors and they’d wave back. I remember being able to go outside and play with the neighborhood kids and we made sure we were in when the street lights came on. Lol! I remember when! 🙂

These flashbacks come often lately, seeing as a I have a 3-year-old and the world I am raising him in is TOTALLY nothing of what I grew up with. It frightens me and gives me hope at the same time. Because I know the children in my son’s age group and even about  9 to 10 years younger are here to shift this world back to a place of FREE LOVE. I know this in my heart because I see my son and the light and love that he has in his eyes. And the kindness of his heart with strangers even when they aren’t so nice. He still shines his light and is such a sweet sight to see. You may say, ‘ Well of course you’ll say that, he’s your child’. Well you know what I am one to speak the truth whether it is my child or not. I see the same things in so many children that I’ve met in the age groups that I mentioned. There is a shifting of the mind arising upon this planet.  These children have been called, designated, chosen, sent on assignment to liberate our UNCONSCIOUS MINDS. Well they need our help. Caregivers, Teachers, Elders, Anyone who is conscious and awake is called to help these young little minds develop into the heart conscious beings they’ve been sent to be. They’ve been sent to illuminate our hearts and show us adults the way. We are their guides and they are ours as well. They are lights of another dimension, one of which the conscious minded desire to reach.

 See, I am speaking to those that are awakening or already are awake to a degree. Simply, because they are the only ones who can hear me. Therefore, if you can hear me then maybe you can heed these words. See to speak to a deaf man who is not able to hear, blind, not able to see or slow or lame-dull of mental senses or development. Well it’s just a waste of time. Those that can’t hear, you must speak louder too and if they fail to hear you when you speak louder than may I venture to say they just may not want to hear what you are saying. If this be the case, cease from your words and hold your peace. It is not necessary to speak to one that can not hear, does not want to hear and is ok with their present condition. See it’s all about perception of self. If they see themselves a certain way and they are convinced that it is the correct position for themselves. Then it is foolish of you to try to convince them to relate through your perception. They have clearly shown you that they are not willing and maybe not capable of seeing it that way. So cease from speaking. Hold your peace.

These words of wisdom come to me with a situation that occurred with a YOUTH OF TODAY. So many youth of today are bombarded with anger, hostility, rage, disrespectful, unthoughtful, fearful, mean dispositions. So many, too many for me are unable to see, hear, relate, comprehend basic decorum of how to handle themselves. I encountered a young man today, where I went to pay a bill. As my son and I walk in the door there is an aisle of which you stand in to wait in line. This young man is at the end of the aisle deeply engrossed in his cell phone workings with an ear bud in his ear, totally oblivious to anyone else around him. There is enough space in front of him for at least another 5 people. This puzzled me.  So since He was somewhat blocking the aisle, I stopped and said ‘Excuse me’. No response. Then I said, “Excuse me’ A second time a little louder due to the ear bud in his ear. I thought maybe he couldn’t hear me seeing as he was so engrossed in his cell phone interaction. So he finally turns around and I say, “Are you in line?” And he says, ‘Yes’. I responded ‘I wasn’t sure you heard me so I said it a little louder’. He says, ‘I heard you. I have 2 ears”  One of which didn’t have an ear bud in it. I thought wow. Ok, you heard me but chose not respond and than I was forced to speak a second time louder and then you decided to respond  and with somewhat of an attitude as to why are you bothering me.  With much bewilderment and dismay, I walked around the young man and stood in line. Seeing as he was still standing at the end of the aisle and had no intention of moving. So as it becomes time for me to be next. Once again the unpleasant young mans presence is made known by my son staring at him as to say,’ why are you behaving as such? That wasn’t very nice’. I look over to see what my son is looking at. The unpleasant young man says’ You don’t need to be looking over here’. I just looked and said, ‘ You can go ahead and go in front of me seeing as you were in line’. But instead of him hearing that he says, ‘You don’t need to say anything to me, take care of your child who is tearing up the store’. I dismissed this comment as funny because although my son was pressing buttons on several of the machines they had sitting around which he could do nothing too. He was being a typical kid. But I am not the type of parent to allow my child to run around anywhere and tear up any place. So the comment in itself was just silly. Lol! Seeing as I didn’t respond to this, he proceeded to tell me I didn’t need to speak to him like a child. ‘I’m not a child’ he said. Lol! Well truly I thought, wow this poor young man is totally clueless that he is behaving like a child in having a tantrum in the way of not being clued into your surroundings. In the interim not having honor and respect for others around you that when someone enters the store if you are in line. Act like it. Instead there was much attitude about how I instead had an attitude and that I need to pay attention to my child who is tearing up the store and that he is not a child. By this time, the store manager came over and told us we had to stop and couldn’t do that in his store. I wanted to just fall out and laugh. But I said a few more things and I shut my mouth. 

After the interaction ceased, a few minutes passed and it was my turn. I promptly conducted my business. And on the way out, walked by the young man with a very stern look on my face. Smh! Once again he was too engrossed in his cell phone interactions to notice. Fine. 

So when I tell you I was not pleased with this interaction. I was not. I couldn’t grasp the mindset of this young man until I stepped back and viewed it from another objective. Then light emerged. This has nothing to do with me. Totally nothing. If it had’ve been someone else. The same attitude would’ve been given. So I take none of it personal. But I do know there’s something deeper going on here. And I tell you what it is. Self hatred. See, when you are unhappy, miserable, angry, and have an unpleasant disposition you project this on others. In this state, your perception is skewed so you see others as unhappy, miserable, angry and unpleasant as well. When this is not the case. I speak from experience of when I lived in the pits of my pain, shadows, and despair; I thought very little of myself and therefore I treated others just how I felt. So not only am I not upset with this young man. My heart hurts for him and all the other young people I’ve encountered with demeanors such as his. It’s very disheartening to see such anger projected at you that has nothing to do with you. But more so, with the pain that they live with day in and day out.

So I shared these thoughts with you from a heart of sincere gratitude that I am so happy I grew up in the 70’s. I am so happy that I was raised with honor and respect for my elders and authority. However, with the mind to speak up if I saw something unjust amongst peers or adults. I am so happy that I am raising my son with those values and higher ones than I had. I am raising my son with a voice to speak up and speak out against unjust happenings whether by his peers or authoritative figures. We are all to be held to a higher standard no matter age, position or status. These are labels and they do not matter one iota. Especially when we don’t have the love, honor and self dignity we need to love ourselves in order to love and treat others with the same.

  It is my highest hope that you have heard these words and that you will not be afraid to speak up and let your voice be heard in this world today. Especially when dealing with our youth who have no guidance, self-love and are just broken and down trodden. Some want help, while others are just not able to receive help nor do they care to be helped. While I know this young mans outburst had nothing to do with me, I still am not happy with the interaction that transpired. But it completely showed me that I truly have a place in this world to cry loud and spare not the truth no matter how it is received. Because it is by PERCEPTION that we understand the true essence of what is being said. And although a person may not comprehend your words fully, it is their SPIRIT that will wrestle with your words which come to enlighten their minds and open their eyes that they be awakened. That they may be shaken. That they may have hope once again. That whatever their hearts desire they can truly possess. But not with a heart of anger, hatred, self-pity, victim playing, or a disdaining approach of life. These attitudes serve as tools for their demise and destruction.

And in that, I declare this day. That I, The Royal ReddPeace will speak what is true in love and peace. And those whose hearts are soft and being made pliable. It is my hope that they will allow my words to be seeds of healing to begin to help them feel again the love that they were created in. The love they were created to reflect. For we were ALL created in the shape and light of LOVE. So it is my TRUE HEARTS DESIRE  to reflect love in my heart and words that I may help the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame to walk and the slow minded to comprehend with clear understanding.  I, The Royal ReddPeace am grateful that you’d take the time to read these words. It is my pleasure to speak to thee. 

Peace, Love and Joy to thee.  Namaste


About Royal ReddPeace

Namaste- I am Royal Redd Peace. Spiritual Soul Coach & Healer-Practitioner. Intuitive Empath-Psychic Clair-Medium. Since the young age of 15, I have been assisting and guiding friends & family in finding their way along their spiritual path. Providing Divine insight & clarity to their questions. Being an Empathic Psychic Clair-Medium I am able to peer beyond what "appears" to be into the hidden mysteries of the soul. In that being able to deliver healing insight and direction to those who seek my advice. I am passionate about seeing my clients souls evolve to their fullest potential. It would be both an honor and pleasure to assist you on your journey. Divine Love Royal Redd Peace

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